Getting Around Alameda

The area is very accessible from the 23rd street exit off of 880, as well as the Webster/Posey Tube if you are arriving via downtown Oakland. Vehicle access to the island is via three bridges to Oakland, a bridge to Bay Farm Island, and two one-way tunnels leading into Oakland's Chinatown. Bridges at Fruitvale Avenue, High Street, and Park Street, and the tunnels at Webster Street and Harrison Street (the latter called the Posey Tube) connect Alameda and Oakland. Public transportation includes the AC Transit buses (which include express buses to San Francisco) and two ferry services -- the Alameda-Oakland Ferry and the Harbor Bay Ferry. Both ferry services may soon be transferred to the Water Transit Authority. The island is also close to the BART train service, with the closest stations being Lake Merritt, near the exit to the Posey Tube, and Fruitvale, near the Fruitvale Bridge. The Alameda-Oakland ferry provides service from San Francisco to Oakland and Alameda. The ferry can be an enjoyable way to travel, given good weather.

Alameda is an island, and as such it's difficult to get truly lost if you have your basic bearings. The island is bordered on the north by the Oakland estuary and to the south by the San Francisco bay. The west end of the island is taken up by the now closed Alameda Naval Air Station. At the south end, you'll find a bridge to Bay Farm Island. Major north/south streets: Webster St, Grand St, Park St, High St. Major east/west streets: Lincoln Ave, Central Ave, Otis Dr.