Alpharetta Transportation

Alpharetta, Georgia is a thriving and energetic suburb located about 15 minutes outside the heart of Atlanta. While first designed as a retreat for the area's wealthier residents, wishing to work and play in the city, but to have enough room to design luxury houses with plenty of land, it's quickly become home to the headquarters of many major players in the technology and business sectors, drawing residents and travelers alike. In response, the area has developed rapidly, with virtually every retail chain, restaurant, and attraction springing up in the Alpharetta area. There were at one time plans to develop a community in which residents could live, work, and play, all in one convenient area, similar to Midtown Atlanta's Atlantic Station area. However, the real estate crisis hit the Atlanta area with a vengeance, and the project was abandoned.

Like many places in the South, it's difficult to live in Alpharetta without the benefit of a car, since the area is not designed to be pedestrian-friendly. While filled with quiet subdivisions and family-friendly parks, once you get out of the residential communities, you're surrounded by highways, multi-lane roads, and very few crosswalks. Walking and bicycling are rarely seen outside of the park atmosphere, and traffic can be difficult during peak weekday travel hours.

MARTA, the Atlanta area bus and subway system, extends as far as the North Springs Station. This area is located about 7 miles from Alpharetta, but since Alpharetta itself is a very expansive area, the expense and convenience of getting there is determined by the exact location of your destination. In order to head to the Alpharetta area by bus, it is necessary to ride the train to the North Springs Station, and then board the bus that heads into the suburbs of Roswell and Alpharetta. Service, however, is spotty, and although the bus will get you to Alpharetta, you still may have a long walk or need a ride to your destination.

A more convenient solution is to head for the taxi stand at North Springs Station, one that does more business than any other subway stop in the city. A line of taxis is always available, and these drivers specifically serve the Northern suburbs of Atlanta, and are able to get you where you want to go quickly and easily.

The MARTA system is currently in discussions with the City Of Atlanta to close a multi-million dollar deal that would add subway stops to the suburbs of Roswell and Alpharetta, making these areas more accessible to non-drivers.