Altamonte Springs Transportation

Altamonte Springs lies in the northern suburbs of the Orlando area. Visitors or residents who come to the city without their own transportation have several options for getting around. The most popular form of transportation is the public bus system. LYNX services Altamonte Springs, and this transit company also connects other suburbs in Seminole County. Some routes are not as frequent as others, so it is important to visit LYNX's site to view schedules before planning any trips. Updated fare prices, closures and other information may also be found on the site. LYNX proudly serves handicapped individuals. In addition to LYNX's public bus service, there are several private transportation companies that cater to the elderly and handicapped individuals. Advance reservations must be made with these providers. Amtrak also serves the area, and there are several routes available. Since seats fill up fast, be sure to schedule a trip in advance on Amtrak's Web site.

Taxis, hired town cars and limousines are also popular in Altamonte Springs. There are several companies that service this city. However, they do not cruise the streets looking for passengers, so it is important to reserve a ride in advance. For best results, call a hired car company at least two hours before it is time to leave. Visitors who take cabs from the Orlando airport may want to talk to their drivers about scheduling a return trip. Not all taxis and hired cars travel to the airport, so be sure to find one that is allowed to go there well in advance of the return flight. Be sure to tip drivers appropriately. Shuttles are available at some hotels. However, their routes and schedules are subject to change. Most shuttles only travel between the airport and hotels.

To travel around the city without route and time restrictions, a rental car is the best option. In addition to the many rental car companies near Orlando's airport, there are also several dealers close to Altamonte Springs. Most companies require drivers to be at least 25 years of age to rent a vehicle. In addition to this, renters must have a valid driving license and a major credit card. Every company offers some form of in-house insurance. However, these policies may not always offer ample coverage for an accident. Visitors who do not have their own coverage should consider a special travel insurance policy from a reputable company.