Amherst Transportation

Being the principal suburb of the city of Buffalo, the town of Amherst is easily accessible to visitors coming from remote places of New York state and beyond. Since it is a suburban community, local transportation in Amherst is dominated by cars, and all other forms of transportation are primarily linked to Buffalo.

The main interstate highway leading to the Buffalo area is I-90, which can be taken by drivers from all over the United States because this road stretches for over 3,000 miles across the entire country. Interstate 90 actually terminates at the southern portion of Amherst. At exit 50, the busy highway branches off into I-290 (Youngmann Memorial Highway), which is a simply a beltway that runs through Buffalo's suburbs. Exits 5A and 5B off I-290 lead to some of Amherst's busiest streets, Sheridan Drive and Millerspot Highway. I-290 also branches off into I-990, a very short section that runs only for a few miles near Amherst. All of these roads in Amherst can get very busy at times because they lead to the campus of University of Buffalo, one of the largest venues in the Buffalo area.

Amherst is conveniently located only a few miles away from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, the main airport serving the Buffalo area. With more than six airlines at the airport, Amherst is linked well to major cities throughout the United States. Most visitors heading to Amherst usually take a vehicle from one of the airport's nine car rental companies and drive directly into Buffalo's largest suburban community. Since driving is the predominant form of transportation in the area, many Amherst residents choose to leave their vehicle's at the airport short term and long term parking lots.

Another convenient method of getting to Amherst from remote parts of New York and other states is taking an Amtrak train such as the Empire Service and Maple Leaf to Buffalo-Depew Station and Buffalo-Exchange Street Station.

Public transportation in Amherst is very limited, and most of the services include more than a hundred bus routes in Buffalo and nearby communities. Nevertheless, it is still good for visitors to review the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority timetables and maps. Additionally, the NFTA runs a downtown light tail line in Buffalo. Some of the busiest NFTA bus routes in Amherst include 44 and 49, which make stops at the busy Sheridan Avenue. Navigating Amherst and the Buffalo area by public transportation is a matter of making multiple transfers in the system's Metro Bus lines. Because it is near the airport, Amherst has great access to many local taxi companies that provide affordable transportation throughout the Buffalo area.