Appleton Transportation

Appleton is conveniently located alongside major interstate and intrastate highways, and also has a Greyhound office for people seeking long-distance travel.

The primary roads into the metro Appleton area are US-41 and US-10. US-41 runs north-south on the west side of the city, and turns east-west across the north side of the city. US-41 connects to Green Bay to the northeast and Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, and Milwaukee to the south. W-441 loops off US-41 across the south and east sides of the metro Appleton area. US-10 is an east-west highway that connects to Manitowoc to the east, and Stevens Point/Wausau to the west. W-125 provides access from US-41 to downtown Appleton. Other secondary state highway into the Appleton metro area include W-47, W-96, W-15. Roads that route exclusively through suburbs of Appleton include US-45, W-55, W-114, and W-76.

Out of state visitors can use the public airport Outagamie Regional Airport.

The city is a member of Valley Transit, a network of bus lines crisscrossing the Fox Valley.