Aurora Transportation

Point A to point B shouldn't always be a straight line. Take the scenic route and discover the state while aboard a train, in a car, bus or even astride a bike.

Denver is a hub city for a number airlines, making flights into the state easy to come by. Airports in Colorado's other major cities make getting around the state quick and easy, especially if you'd prefer to see the majesty of the Rockies or eastern plains from above. Denver International Airport is the gateway to the Rocky Mountain. From Denver International Airport: from the Denver terminal, take Pena Boulevard to I-70; take I-70 west to Peoria Street (exit 281); exit and turn south on Peoria Street.

Don't stress out while trying to find your exit, and go ahead and leave the map at home. Savvy travelers hire a bus and let the transportation take care of itself. If you prefer to sit comfortable and look out wide windows while enjoying Colorado's always-inspiring scenery, then consider hiring a spacious and comfortable bus, and let your driver sweat the details.

Railroad tracks from all over the country converge in Colorado and AMTRAK, the state's largest commercial carrier, offers daily service to Denver from many major cities. Routes within and to the state aren't just utilitarian devises for traveling, they're also scenic tours through Colorado's finest landscapes. Let the conductor do the work and let the scenery out your window enthrall you.

Ski Train offers scenic 1-day, 56-mile trips for skiers, snowboarders and sightseers through the heart of the Rockies to Winter Park resort on Thurs.-Sun. throughout the winter and Sat. in the summer. Denver tradition since 1940, leaves Union Station at 7:15am and returns by 6:30pm.

Traveling the state in a car means you get to pick your own route and explore any road you want. Most traveling in Colorado is done by car, and if you didn't drive one in, we've got plenty of rental options from which to choose.