Baton Rouge Dining

Louisiana is known for its distinctive, high quality restaurants and unique cooking styles. One of the best places to find great cuisine in Louisiana is the capital city of Baton Rouge. This city encompasses all of the state's cooking traditions and prominent cuisines. All of the restaurants referenced here that are not in the city of Baton Rouge are within 20 minutes of the city limits.

Of course Baton Rouge is an ideal city to find outstanding Cajan, French, and Southern food. You don't want to skip Bellue's Cajun Cuisine. In addition to their restaurant, they sell a variety of frozen foods that can be purchased there or delivered. For Cajan food, Bergeron's Boudin and Cajun Meats in Port Allen is another great option. For French cuisine, make a reservation at Bernadette's Restaurant. If you're looking for an easy lunch or dinner with New Orleans flair, head over to Bistro Byronz.

It's most likely not a surprise that you can get excellent seafood in Baton Rouge. The Bonefish Grill features seafood with international flavor. Drusilla Seafood is another popular choice. They offer Louisiana style seafood as well as steaks and Cajun meals.

Thanks to the university presence in Baton Rouge, there is a wide selection of vegetarian, health food, and Asian restaurants. For Asian restaurants, consider A Taste of Asia, which has Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese selections on the menu as well as Albasha, which features Lebanese and Greek food. If you're looking for some vegetarian options, consider a sandwich or salad at O-Ya-Ya's.

Baton Rouge also has a small selection of Indian restaurants as well as a fairly extensive selection of Mexican and Italian restaurants. Think about the authentic Ahuuas Mexican Restaurant, Anthony's Italian Deli on Florida Blvd., and Bay Leaf, an Indian restaurant on Sherwood Forest.

Additional fine dining options in Baton Rouge include the cozy 333 Bistreaux in the downtown dining district and the upscale Creole/Cajun style Le Creole Baton Rouge.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a simple but elegant sidewalk cafe or some quick delicious sandwiches, Baton Rouge has those, too. BJ's Brewhouse next to the Mall of Louisiana is a great option. Burger Delight between Gonzales and Prairieville is another good choice. Don't discount the American Mart convenience store, which has some of the best sandwiches in town.