Getting Around Bellevue

State route 520 connects Bellevue to Seattle, via the Evergreen Point floating bridge on Lake Washington. Prone to traffic jams. The more modern and capacious Interstate 90 provides another route from Seattle across Lake Washington, traversing Mercer Island. It continues on to Spokane, and ultimately, Boston. Interstate 405 runs North-South right through the middle of Bellevue, leading north to Kirkland (and eventually rejoining I-5 on the way to Bellingham and Vancouver, B.C. In the southern direction, I-405 leads to Renton, the Southcenter shopping district, and I-5 south (to Portland, OR, and onwards to the Mexican border), ending at SeaTac airport about 2 miles past I-5.

SoundTransit Express line 550 runs super-frequently between Downtown Seattle and Downtown Bellevue. SoundTransit Express line 560 runs every half hour between SeaTac Airport and Downtown Bellevue. Many other buses, operated by King County Metro, serve Bellevue.

The Puget Sound (which includes Bellevue) has a decent bus transportation network if you're staying in the city. For trips outside of the core city, you'll probably want a car.