Getting Around Bloomington

For those who are looking for transportation in and around Bloomington, MN the options are plentiful. Residents and visitors have many choices on how they want to travel whether in the city or in the greater Twin Cities. Here are the top transportation options in and around Bloomington.

Bloomington, just a few miles away from Minneapolis and St. Paul, connects to the Twin Cities freeway systems. On its north side, Interstate 494 covers the ring around the metropolitan area. Interstate 35W runs north to south through the middle of the city. On its very east side, Highway 77, also known as Old Cedar, connects tourists and residents to the Mall of America, Ikea, and to the suburbs across the Minnesota River to its south.

Taxis are plentiful throughout the city and are just a call away whether one needs a cab at the airport, hotel or the Mall of America. It is about 15 miles away from the Amtrak station in St. Paul and has a number of major freeway systems that connects to the Twin Cities.

For those who prefer not to drive in the city, Bloomington has a number of different transportation options. The first option is the light-rail system also known as the Hiawatha Line that connects to Minneapolis. The line begins in Bloomington at the Mall of America and continues northwestward with stops that include historic Fort Snelling, Terminal 1 & 2 (formerly known as Lindbergh Terminal and Hubert Humphrey Terminal), trendy Lake Street and stops through downtown Minneapolis.

A second option for non-car transportation is Metro Transit; a Twin Cities bus system line that connects Bloomington to the metropolitan area. In addition, there is the Bee Line bus system that covers many major streets and connects the city to Edina, its neighboring town to the west.

For those who are not interested in motorized vehicles, Bloomington offers a number of bicycle routes along many of its roads and residential areas. A few years ago, the city decided to make some of its four-lane roads into two-lane roads and made the additional space a bicycle lane for avid and non-professional bikers.

Whether one is traveling by bicycle, automobile or mass-transit, Bloomington has many options for its residents and visitors. Transportation indeed is plentiful and available. Whatever the case may, the city offers convenience and leisure for all commuters and travelers.