Welcome to Bloomington

Located in Hennepin County, and just ten miles from Minneapolis, Bloomington is the fifth largest city in the state of Minnesota. Bloomington offers a variety of attractions, including the following:

Mall of America
The world-famous Mall of America is a must-see for visitors of Bloomington. With over 250 shops, stores and boutiques and over 50 restaurants, ranging from fast food chains to full-service fine dining, the Mall of America is bound to delight people of all ages and tastes. And in addition to shopping and dining, the Mall of America boasts many other attractions, including movie theaters, the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, miniature golf and Rick Bronson's House of Comedy.

Water Park of America
Located just a few miles from the Mall of America, Bloomington's Water Park of America is essential for families and fun-seekers. Unlike most other water parks, the Water Park of America is located indoors, and is therefore open year-round. Attractions include surfing simulators, water slides, wave pools and a raft ride that is over a mile long and ten stories high! The Water Park of America is also connected to a hotel: the Radisson Hotel Bloomington by the Mall of America.

Science Museum of Minnesota
Bloomington's Science Museum of Minnestoa is great fun for all individuals, young and old. Featuring exhibits such as a river museum, a human body exhibit, dinosaur displays and other special exhibits, the Science Museum of Minnesota is both fun and educational.

Minnesota Wildlife Refuge
This urban wildlife refuge is one of only four of its kind in the United States. Just ten miles from downtown Minneapolis, the Minnesota Wildlife Refuge is open year-round and is a destination for wildlife lovers from around the country. With recreational activities such as fishing, biking, hunting, snow sports, swimming and birdwatching, the Minnesota Wildlife Refuge is perfect for nature lovers of all ages.

Bloomington Arts Center
The Bloomington Arts Center is a must-see for art enthusiasts of all kinds. With exhibits and displays in the visual and performing arts, as well as art education, displays by world-famous artists and a children's gallery, the Bloomington Arts Center has something for everyone.

Centennial Lakes Park
Located on 24 acres of land, this park features the best of nature with an urban backdrop. Attractions to Centennial Lakes Park include paddle boating, croquet, fishing, a maze and lawn bowling. Also, the park boasts a large amphitheater for the performing arts, and winter sports, such ice skating and sledding, during the colder months.