Getting Around Bothell

Buses operated by Metro Transit are one form of public transportation in and around Bothell, WA.

Bothell is served by six Metro Transit bus routes. Route 312 will take passengers in a southwest direction from Cascadia Community College in Bothell to downtown Seattle. This route only runs on weekdays. Route 236 and Route 238 travel south from Bothell to the city of Kirkland. Both routes stop at the Kirkland Transit Center, the Totem Lake Transit Center and the Brickyard Park & Ride. Route 342 will take passengers south from Bothell through Kirkland and Bellevue. This route terminates in the town of Renton. Route 372 will take passengers from Bothell to the University District in Seattle. Route 342 and Route 372 only run on weekdays. Route 931 also only runs on weekdays. Passengers can take this route south from Bothell to the city of Redmond.

Bothell is also served by four Community Transit routes. Route 435 travels from Bothell to downtown Seattle on weekdays. Passengers can take Route 105 and Route 106 to travel north from Bothell to Mill Creek. Route 105 only runs on weekdays. Travelers can take Route 120 north to Lynnwood.

Three Sound Transit buses travel to Bothell. Those who want to go from Bothell to downtown Seattle can take Route 522. This bus also stops at the Stadium Link Light Rail station. Passengers can take Route 532 buses north to Everett and south to Bellevue. The buses on Route 535 also go south to Bellevue. Travelers who want to go north to Lynnwood can take buses on this route.

Travelers who fly into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport can take a Link Light Rail train or Metro Transit buses to downtown Seattle and transfer to a bus to Bothell. Passengers who take a train to Seattle can take a Sound Transit bus from the Seattle Amtrak station to Bothell.

Bothell is approximately 17 miles northwest of Seattle. Bothell visitors who want to travel around Seattle using public transportation can take buses. Seattle attractions that can be reached by bus include the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square.