Getting Around Brookfield

Being one of the premier suburban communities of Wisconsin's largest city, Brookfield is located within a well developed transportation network of the Greater Milwaukee region. Brookfield is easily accessible from exits 297 to 304 off Interstate 94. I-94 is a major interstate highway that connects to other important cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, parts of North Dakota and Montana. Additionally, it is about a twenty minute drive along I-94 between Brookfield and Downtown Milwaukee.

Because it is a suburb, most residents and visitors navigate Brookfield by car. The community has a simple grid layout of mostly residential streets. Some of the major local roads in Brookfield include North Avenue and Capital Drive. Additionally, U.S. Route 18 serves as an alternative way of navigating the area between Brookfield and Milwaukee.

The Waukesha Metro Transit and Waukesha County Transit offer public transportation in Brookfield and the rest of Waukesha County. The combined public transit network consists of more than a dozen bus routes. Many of the routes converge at the Downtown Transit Center in the city of Waukesha. The major bus stop in Brookfield is known as Goerkes Corners Public Transit Station, which is a commuter parking lot located along Barker Road. This bus stop is served by five total lines, including express services directly to Downtown Milwaukee. Another major bus stop is located at the Brookfield Square shopping mall near the corner of Moorland Road and Route 18.

A quick gateway into Brookfield and the rest of Waukesha County is the Waukesha County Airport, which accepts small private airplanes only and does not offer commercial flights. The airport is mostly used by traveling businessmen and other officials. Nevertheless, taxi cabs and even the local buses can pick up passengers at the small county airport. Some other smaller general aviation airports in the Brookfield area include Timmerman Airport and Capitol Airport. To enter the Greater Milwaukee region by airplane, passengers will have to land at Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport, which offers flights to dozens of major cities in the United States. Eight car rental companies make it easy to drive from the airport to Brookfield.

Anyone visiting Brookfield should also review the transportation network of Wisconsin's largest city. The Milwaukee Intermodal Station is served by long distance Amtrak trains and several intercity bus companies. Additionally, it is good to be familiar with the bus timetables of the Milwaukee County Transit System. Unfortunately, there is no rapid transit or commuter rail services in Milwaukee.