Getting Around Buffalo

Buffalo is easily accessible from throughout the United States and also benefits from a strong public transportation system.
Once at the airport, Metro is the best way to get to the city. It operates buses serving downtown Buffalo, and also offers connections to points throughout the Niagara Falls-Buffalo region. The regular one-way fare is $1.75. Another option of getting in downtown Buffalo from the airport is the Airport-Downtown Express. This shuttle runs non-stop service between the airport and Buffalo's central business district, daily, every 30 minutes. The regular fare is $1.75.

Buffalo's public transportation system is run by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority. The NFTA offers buses, vans and trolleys throughout the city, and also a Metro Rail rapid transit system. The bus fare is $1.50 for one zone and increases for several travel zones. Special fares for disabled people and seniors are available. The Metro Rail runs along Main Street from HSBC Arena to the South Campus of the University of Buffalo and is free above ground. A charge is required to travel underground, the fee is $1.50.

There are numerous taxi companies in the Buffalo area, including: Action Taxi (716-639-0648), Liberty Cab (716-877-7111), buffalo Taxicab (716-822-3030), Fillmore Taxi Co (716-897-2300), Airport Taxi Service (716-633-8294), City Service Taxi (716-852-4000), Star Cab (716-888-9999), Kenmore Cab (716-876-3030).

An important number of limousine rent companies is also to be found in the city. Some of these are Adventure Limousine Service (716-366-0480), Buffalo Limousine Service (716-835-4997), Diamond Limousine Service (716-836-2858), D and J Limousine (716-481-2655), Giorgio's Limousine Service (716-683-7455), Jewel of Niagara Limo (905-351-3996).