Cincinnati Dining

Cincinnati is famous for its own unique kind of chili, based on a Greek recipe. It contains finely-ground meat, no beans or onions, and usually contains spices such as cinnamon or cocoa powder, and not as much tomato as traditional recipes. It is served over spaghetti with finely-shredded Cheddar cheese on top, known as a "three-way"; add onions to make it a "four-way," and beans for a "five-way." It's also served over hotdogs with shredded Cheddar cheese on top, known as a "cheese coney." Cincinnati has more chili restaurants per capita than any city in the United States. It's almost a religious war as to which Cincinnati chili is the best. Two major chili-parlor chains are dominant, but individual parlors and other smaller chains have their fans as well.

Some of the best food experiences are to be found in one of the following places:

810 Matson Place, Cincinnati, OH 45204
Featuring one of the best views of Greater Cincinnati available anywhere in town, Primavista lives up to its name in both its name and atmosphere. Often cited as one of Cincinnati's best Italian restaurants, the restaurant's elegance is offset by its coziness combining to make it one of Cincinnati's premiere dining spots.

Palace Restaurant
601 Vine St (Cincinnatian Hotel), Cincinnati, OH 45202
You'll find a formal but relaxed environment at the Palace Restaurant, inside the historic Cincinnatian Hotel downtown. There's a wide selection of drinks plus live piano Monday-Thursday, and a jazz trio Friday and Saturday. The menu at The Palace changes seasonally, featuring dishes such as multicolor caulifower soup with couscous, grilled rabbit sausage with ginger chutney, maple cured veal chop with white cheddar polenta cake, seared Dover sole or salmon steak, roasted sablefish - a sweet variety served on cabbage with truffle custard and Cappucino foam - duck breast infused with a tea marinade and slow-cooked.

Jean-Robert at Pigall's
127 W. 4th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Jean-Robert de Cavel's first restaurant, and Cincinnati's only four-star dining experience, is perfect for special occasions - or whenever you want to be pampered. Elegant and refined, de Cavel sets out to impress every diner. The restaurant features a prix-fixe menu based on the season and availability of the freshest local ingredients with a delectable array of appetizers, main courses and desserts accompanied by an extensive wine list.

Celestial Steakhouse
1071 Celestial St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
A Cincinnati dining tradition has been reincarnated: What once was pricey and stuffy is now affordable and relaxed. While the jacket requirement has changed, the tome-like wine list hasn't, with more than 700 options comprising the restaurant's selection. The Incline Lounge adds a full bar with martinis, single malts, bourbons and cocktails. Live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Oh, do we have to describe the view?

Mount Adams Fish House
940 Pavilion St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Wash down that mahi-mahi with some sake, authentic wine or one of the many specialty martinis. Thanks to a menu featuring such house specialties as shellfish linguine, pan-sauteed sea bass and "Lobster Tommy," everything on the menu at the Fish House swims instead of sinking with customers. It's impossible to talk about the Fish House without mentioning its sushi bar, however, which features a number of items that anyone who likes their food raw (or slightly cooked) will surely love.