Cincinnati Transportation

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (IATA: CVG; ICAO: KCVG) is on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, so you'll have to cross the bridge to get to Cincinnati itself. CVG is the costliest airport in the U.S. to fly to or from, so it may be wise for you to look into flying into Louisville, Dayton, Columbus or Indianapolis. Louisville, Columbus, and Indianapolis are all within a two hour drive from Cincinnati, while Dayton is only 45 - an hour away. Delta has it's second largest airport at CVG so Delta may offer more direct flights to or from CVG.

Cincinnati is served by Interstates 71 (from Columbus and Louisville), 74 (from Indianapolis), 75 (from Dayton and Lexington), 471 (a spur of I-71- to the south), and 275 (the circle beltway). US 50 also serves the area as an expressway to the eastern neighborhoods (Columbia Parkway) and western neighborhoods via the Sixth Street Expressway, which links River Road and the Waldvogel Memorial Viaduct to Downtown. One of the most beautiful panoramic views in the country occurs when driving northbound on Interstate 71/75 (the interstate routes share the same highway in part of Northern Kentucky) traveling into downtown Cincinnati, just before the Brent Spence Bridge. Traffic on the bridge sometimes backs up, though, especially during rush hour. Try to plan your trips so you don't get too much of this truly spectacular view!

All incoming and outgoing passenger trains stop at Union Terminal/Cincinnati Museum Center. The station is several miles from downtown Cincinnati and since all trains arrive before public transportation is available it may be wise to call a taxi to finish your journey.

Greyhound offers passenger bus service from many U.S. cities. Buses arrive and depart from Greyhound's station in downtown Cincinnati. Megabus is a budget bus company offering service to Cincinnati from Chicago, Indianapolis, and Columbus. Fares start at $1.

Unlike most cities, visitors have 2 bus services to select from--which can transport you wherever you wish to go. METRO is the Cincinnati Bus Service, while Northern Kentucky is serviced by TANK. Buses lines marked with a "X" are express routes and often by-pass many of the stops on a regular line so ask a bus driver before getting on to make sure the bus stops where you need it to. Payment systems are different on both systems except that riders must pay with exact fare, because no change is given.

Hailing a taxi is not permitted within Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. However you may either call or pick up a cab at one of the city's many cab stands.
Yellow Cab: (513) 241-2100
Skyline Cab: (513) 251-7733
Suburban Cab: (513) 471-2222
Veterans Cab: (513) 531-9300