Welcome to Dayton

Dayton is the center of a much larger metropolitan area in southwest Ohio, known as the Miami Valley. The area includes a number of smaller towns and suburbs with a population over 500,000. Dayton is known as the Gem City and it's no wonder. In addition to being the birthplace of aviation (the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, lived here and perfected their design for the first practical aircraft). It is also home to one of the few multi-site National Parks in the U.S.- the Dayton Aviation Heritage Park. There's plenty to do and see in the region - the city itself or the many unique suburbs that surround.

Some of the city's top choices for visitors include:

Carriage Hill MetroPark & Farm
7800 E. Shull Rd., Dayton, OH 45424
Farm life in the 1880s comes alive at Carriage Hill Farm. Visitor Center exhibits start the journey back in time while demonstrations, reconstructed and historical buildings, and even period farm animals paint the picture. There are also acres of natural beauty to enjoy.

1375 E. Siebenthaler Ave., Dayton, OH 45414
The new Riverscape is beautifully landscaped and hosts cultural events weekly during the summer. During the winter, there is an outdoor ice rink set up with skate rental available.

Laser Quest
201 East Alex-Bell Road, Dayton, OH 45459
Laser Quest combines the classic games of tag and hide & seek with a high-tech twist. Donning the most sophisticated laser tag equipment available, the game is played in a large, multi-level arena featuring specialty lighting, swirling fog and heart-pounding music. Questors, whether individually or on teams, use their lasers to score as many points as possible by tagging the sensors on their opponents' equipment. Scorecards and code names add to the fun.