Getting Around Detroit

The Detroit area is serviced by Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport and Bishop International Airport in nearby Flint, Michigan. These two airports combined make travel easy and accessible for everyone coming or going from the Detroit area. The fact that there are two airports make traveling to and from Detroit extremely easy, as there are always bound to be flights, from either airport, that meet the scheduling needs of travelers. Air travel in Detroit is simple, allowing for an excellent travel experience regardless of where your final destination is.

The Detroit Department of Transportation provides bus service all across the city. Cross border transit between downtown Windsor, the city on the Canadian side of the border, and Detroit, is provided by the Tunnel Bus. Furthermore, the bus system of Detroit Smart Buses allows passengers from the Tunnel Bus to board without paying an extra fare. This in itself makes traveling on mass transit in Detroit simple and convenient for those spending a day on either side of the border.

Detroit is also serviced by a system of elevated rail travel, known as the People Mover. The People Mover travels around a three-mile loop of downtown Detroit, simplifying travel from one area of the city's center to another. There is also a commuter rail that goes from Detroit's New Center to the suburbs, such as The Henry Ford, Dearborn, Detroit Metropolitan Airport (making travel to and from the airport and the city easy and hassle free), and Ann Arbor. The extent of the rail system of Detroit makes traveling around the city a simple experience that does not cause any stress to passengers.

Detroit is surrounded by four major Interstate Highways; Interstate 75, Interstate 96, Interstate 94, and Interstate 275. These four Interstates link Detroit to Canada to the north, including the Greater Toronto Area, Ann Arbor, and the suburbs in all four cardinal directions of the city. The number of freeways linking all sections and neighborhoods of Detroit make transportation by private car easy, shortening the trips one would have to make by driving all of the way across the city. If in a hurry, and if a car is accessible, the freeways make for a speedy trip free of hassle.