Eden Prairie Information

Flying Cloud Airport
This is one of the busiest airports in the Eden Prairie region. At one time, this airport was home to bustling activity, but not it offers flights for private and corporate jets. Passengers can still fly in and out of the airport, but some of the larger airlines do not use the location. There are several hotels and restaurants, as well as the Minnesota Natural Reserve, located near the airport.

Southwest Metro Transit
This is the public transportation system of the area. The type of transportation that you use will depend on where you are located in the city. If you live in one of the busy areas that are among the office buildings, then a bus would be the most convenient. There are several bus stops located through the city. Schedules are posted in government buildings, stores and online so that you can find out when a bus will be near your home. There are certain times that the buses might not run, so you need to plan your schedule accordingly.

In order to ride the transit system, you need a boarding card. This card can be purchased for a month at a time. You can also pay for a year of riding if you know that you will be using public transportation. Bicycles can be placed on the front of the bus if you need to take your bike to another location. This service has been in the city since 1986. There are over 60 buses that provide transportation in and out of the city. Children can ride with their parents, but they will still have a fare to pay. Children under the age of 5 can ride free with a paying adult.

Senior Transportation Program
Senior citizens who need to go to doctor's appointments or the grocery store can call the Senior Transportation Program. This program provides services to the elderly who have no other way to get out of their home. There is no charge for the service, but appointments must be made so that the program knows when you need transportation. Donations are accepted.