El Segundo Dining

El Segundo, a city located in Santa Monica Bay in Los Angeles County, isn't typically the first area that comes to mind when considering dining options in L.A. After all, there are so many restaurants in the more well-known areas such as Santa Monica, Hollywood, Brentwood and Beverly Hills. El Segundo is predominantly a business city, brimming with corporations and factories. It's proximity to LAX make it a huge draw for business people who have less time for roaming and sightseeing, yet close enough to tourist sites for those who seek diversion. Here are some delicious and unique El Segundo restaurants that are well worth the visit:

1. The fact that there are so many international businesses popping up all over El Segundo not only means the city is booming, it also means more international cuisine is finding its way into the dining scene. One restaurant/bar that's making waves with its Latin cooking is HavanaMania, a laid-back, beach-themed favorite for the after-5 crowd for its Mojitos and frosty beers. Business folks flock to HavanaMania at lunchtime to get a bite of traditional Cuban fare, which includes such favorites as Mofongo, Fufu de Yuca, or the infamous "Cubano" sandwich. Also, HavanaMania regularly holds "Tuesday Night Pig Outs" with all-you-can-eat roast pork--come early or else!

2. Trimana Grill is a breakfast staple for CEOs on the go, with its New American menu, fast service and highly accessible location. Some of the favorites include tomato and cheese melts, bagels with egg and cheese, and steak burritos. Not nouvelle cuisine but definitely not Mickey D's, either.

3. Craving something healthy and exotic? The Hummus Factory is the place to go for a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, all freshly made and authentic. What the decor lacks is more than compensated for by the spicy, perfectly seasoned meats, delicious hummus and fresh flatbreads. Instead of the usual plain hummus, try the Royal Hummus, topped with tenderloin beef; the sublime stuffed grape leaves; Fattoush salad; and the Lula Kebab sandwich. One thing to note: typically beverages at Middle Eastern restaurants are a second thought, with sodas and regular hot tea being the star of the show. Not here. The Jallab (made with molasses, dates and rosewater) is a surprisingly refreshing and tasty drink.

4. Everybody should go raw at least once. Even just once. And if that one time should be anywhere, it should be at Planet Raw. This vegan, gluten-free, raw-food eatery doesn't just cater to radical, left-wing, angst-ridden 20-somethings in black. Nope. Here, you'll see elderly couples, entire families, even bodybuilders eating specials such as "Cheezy Kelp Pasta," "Meat and Potatoes (mushroom-nut 'meat')," or the "Monster Wrap." And yes, even vegans have dessert. Here, it's most likely to be the deceivingly decadent "Orgazmatron," made with buckwheat crust, creamy avocado, nuts, fruit, ginger and mint.