Fairborn Transportation

Most travelers know Fairborn, Ohio, as the home of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Wright State University. If you arrive in town for work or play, you need to know how to get around town. One of the more popular roadways is Interstate 675. I-675 moves north and south through Ohio, passing directly alongside Fairborn. The highway has several exits that can lead travelers into Fairborn. US-35 is another major highway that passes near Fairborn and crosses over I-675. US-35 is not as popular as I-675, but it does have a high level of traffic during the evening hours. Pay attention to the road and drive safely when traveling after 5.

If you spend anytime in Fairborn, you will likely come across Fairfield Road. This is the major road that passes through Fairborn and the neighboring city of Beavercreek. Several major restaurants and shops sit along Fairfield Road, and the road connects to both Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and I-675. Other roads that you will use when driving through Fairborn include Main Street and Trebein Road.

Fairborn receives a high level of snow every year. If you do not have experience driving on snow or ice, you must use caution. Even though the city uses salt trucks to reduce the amount of icy spots on the road, you can still come across black ice or other debris on the road. Make sure that you keep a safe distance between you and the driver in front of you, which can reduce accidents. You should also follow the posted speed limits and reduce your speed if you notice unsafe road conditions.

The speed limit in Fairborn ranges from 65 MPH on the highway to 25 MPH in downtown Fairborn. When driving through the city, check for speed limit signs posted along the road. Many areas see the speed limit changing because the area changes. You might find that the speed limit drops to 25 MPH in one spot before rising to 35 or 45 MPH a few blocks down the road.

Downtown Fairborn is a bustling community with a variety of shops and local businesses. Many of the parking spots require parallel parking, but some parking spots let drivers pull into the spot on an angle. There are also a few businesses that have parking lots connected to the city streets. You should keep your eyes open for any cars pulling out of a parking spot.