Fayetteville Information

Nicknamed "All-American City," Fayetteville, NC is probably best known for the military installments, Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base, that are located nearby. Established on the banks of the Cape Fear River, the area was first settled by Native Americans for over 12,000 years. Scottish immigrants began settling by the river in 1739 and played a large part in the American Revolutionary War. The Liberty Point Resolve, a document signed by 55 patriots in 1775 vowed to support the cause of independence from England. In 1789, the legislature ratified the U.S. Constitution at the State House then located here. After the Revolutionary War, two towns that were located near the river were combined and renamed Fayetteville after the revolutionary hero, General Marquis La Fayette. The population has rapidly grown since the 1960's, largely due to the military presence in the city. Fayetteville is one of the largest cities in North Carolina; and the population is still climbing rapidly. The city is a hub of activity with shopping, restaurants, lodging and entertainment. The newly opened, Crown Coliseum, is a gathering place of friends for concerts, sporting events and theatrical productions.

Fayetteville has nine strong historical foundations which are preserve as a testament to their rich past: The Downtown Fayetteville district, Liberty Point, Haymount, Market House Square, Hope Mills, Long Valley, Pope Air Force Base, Old Post and Averasboro. A granite marker commemorates the cause of independence from England at Liberty Point. The names of the 55 signers are etched into the stone as a remembrance of the nations first patriots. Market House was constructed in 1832 on the site of the State House, which was destroyed by fire. The Market House is the only National Landmark in the city. Averasboro Battlefield Site is where a civil war battle was fought that delayed Sherman's march through the south. Two plantations are found here, Oak Grove and Lebanon. Several military museums are found in Lafayette. Airborne and Special Operations Museum as well as JFK Special Warfare Museum, are host to interactive displays and rare artifacts. The 82nd Airborne Division War Museum brings the history of the beloved division to life with displays inside and outside the museum. A plethora of statues are scattered about the city. Fayetteville fits right into the self proclaimed "Most Military Friendly" state, North Carolina.