Fort Lauderdale Dining

Gilbert's 17th Street Grill
This is a fun place for families to enjoy an American meal. No reservations are required, and the restaurant serves lunch and dinner. You can place an order to take with you. Most meals are served in a basket. One of the most popular dishes is the hamburger and fries. They also serve fish sandwiches that are made with cod that is caught fresh. A discount card is offered to people who live in the area that can be used after 10 visits.

Canyon Southwest Café
If you like Mexican food that is not too spicy, then this is where you want to eat at. They are only open for dinner, but they stay open late. The margaritas are fruity and cooling, and the bread pudding is full of mixed flavors that will leave you wanting more. The menu changes through the year based on the seasons. Holidays are a busy time for the restaurant, so you should make plans to visit based on the time of year.

The Plaza Bistro
Are you looking for somewhere to eat that offers outdoor dining? You will find rows of tables at The Plaza Bistro that are decorated with white tablecloths and while sitting under large umbrellas. The best time to visit is in the spring before the weather gets hot. The menu has dishes that are very affordable, and you can choose from soup, salad and hamburgers. The staff is very friendly, and they accept reservations.

Market 17
Although this is a higher priced restaurant, the food is worth it. A wide range of food is offered on the menu including shrimp that is caught from the gulf to roasted duck. When you visit, you need to sit on the outdoor patio so that you can feel the breeze from the ocean. Market 17 serves coffee with their meals, and you can order a dessert when you are finished eating. Most of the food is fresh and has been raised in local areas.

Coconuts Waterside Grill
The food that makes this restaurant famous is the seafood, especially the shrimp sandwich. Large pieces of shrimp and a delicate sauce arrive at your table on a toasted piece of bread. You can get almost any side order with the sandwich, but most people enjoy the crunchy French fries.