Ft. Worth Information

Fort Worth, Texas was first established as an army outpost in 1849 and has grown into one of the largest cities in the United States. Located in North Central Texas, the city covers nearly 300 square miles. Known for it western architecture and design, Fort Worth has stuck to its "wild west" image throughout the years. The Texas town began growing from a sleepy small western outpost to a bustling city in the 1800s when it became a stopping point on the Chisholm Trail, the path where cattle were driven to market.

The city became a center for the ranching industry and a leader in the cattle trading industry being the nicknamed "cow town" by the cowboys passing through. The city was the last stopping point before wranglers headed into the desolate western frontier, so saloons and crime were rampant in the city. The area where the bars, saloons and dance halls were located became known as "Hells Half Acre." Shootings and muggings were an every day occurrence and upstanding citizens avoided this section of town.

Major reform was brought on in the late 1800s, after the citizen grew tired of the lawlessness of the town. A prohibition campaign helped to rid the city of the saloons in 1889. The acre was now able to be occupied by law abiding residents and the city began to grow by leaps and bounds. When oil was discovered in the early 20th century, Fort Worth was once again the center of the industry. Vast natural gas reserves were found underneath the city, helping increase the wealth of the residents due to their mineral rights. In recent years, Fort Worth has been known as the "City of Cowboys and Culture." The downtown area is full of art-deco buildings and a lot of the buildings have preserved their old west facade.

Restaurants, shopping and entertainment are all top notch and abundant in Fort Worth. Visitors will not find the city lacking in activities and events to keep them busy. Music, theatre, museums as well as plenty of nature will keep tourists occupied thought their visit to the Texas town.