Getting Around Gahanna

Gahanna, OH is a suburban community located just northeast of Columbus, OH. The city is well known for being a great place to live and has attracted many new residents over the past couple of decades. In fact, the city was recently ranked as one of the best 100 places in the country to live. The city has undergone a significant redevelopment over the past five years, which has included a revitalization of the city's old downtown neighborhood. Because of this, many people come into Gahanna every week for personal or professional reasons.

Those that are traveling from far distances to Gahanna will have several different transportation options. The first option is to fly into the Port Columbus International Airport, which serves Columbus and all of the surrounding areas. The airport is located just a few miles from the center of the Gahanna. Over 6 million people fly in and out of the airport each year, which provides direct flights to over 30 different cities including Chicago, Detroit, and New York. People can also access Columbus via the national Greyhound bus service as well as the national Amtrak train service. From the central station, a person can drive to Gahanna within just 10 minutes.

Those that are looking to drive into Gahanna can access the city via a number of different major arteries, which can be used to connect to large cities all over the country. By taking Interstate 670 northeast for just 9 miles, a traveler can connect directly to Gahanna from the downtown Columbus area. By taking Interstate 71 for just under two hours, a traveler can connect into the city from Cincinnati, OH and by taking I-71 in the other direction a traveler could get into Cleveland, OH within just two and a half hours. Other cities that are within a reasonable driver are Chicago, which is 5 hours away, Indianapolis, which is around 3 hours away, and Pittsburgh which is about 3 hours away.

Once inside the city, travelers can easily drive around the city streets, which have a relatively low level of traffic. Gahanna is also ideal for people that like to bike or walk to get to their destinations.