Getting Around Gainesville

Located in Alachua County, the city of Gainesville, FL is the largest city of the county and is also the county seat. Gainesville is home to numerous convention centers, the University of Florida, and thousands of business and retail centers. Due to its size and high humidity levels throughout the warmer months of the year, visitors and residents of Gainesville can benefit from taking advantage of one of the many transportation options the city has available

People who drive their own vehicles in and around the city and are searching for quick and easy routes in and out of Gainesville, FL can use Highways US441 and US301 to travel with efficiency and straight routes to cities such as Orlando, Ocala, and Jacksonville. Amtrak services also are available for easy traveling access by bus. Located just over thirty miles outside of Gainesville, Amtrak train services are available for long distance traveling at a quicker pace than standard bus routes.

The Gainesville city bus system provides easy traveling throughout the city to colleges and universities, apartments, convention centers, shopping centers, business districts, hospitals, and other key places across the city. The bus system runs Monday through Friday, beginning at 7AM and ending at 6PM. The first and last Saturday of the month, the city bus runs from 8AM until noon. There are no bus services available on Sundays.

The Regional Transit System, which is the city bus system, does provide late night bus shuttles to and from the University of Florida football games. The city also has taxi services that operate twenty-four hours a day for people who want to travel on direct routes to their destinations for quick and easy transportation throughout the city.

The Gainesville Regional Airport is located just outside of Gainesville on the northeast side and is within easy driving distance to the University of Florida and many local business districts and hotel strips. The airport provides aviation access for commercial planes, charter planes, and military planes. In-state travel and international flights are available through this airport. The airport has been updated and continues to undergo interior improvements to offer easier layouts and more convenient access and accommodations to travelers.