Welcome to Gainesville

The city of Gainesville is found in North Florida in Alachua County. The city was founded in 1854 and incorporated 1869. It has a population of approximately 124, 354 as of the year 2010. The climate is generally hot and defined as having humid subtropical weather. The city has an average high of about 80 degrees. The average low is about 58 degrees.

here are a number of both fun-filled and educational attractions found throughout Gainesville, Florida. These attractions include the Florida Museum of Natural History with the Butterfly Rainforest, the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art and the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo.

The Florida Museum of Natural History began in 1891 by a professor of natural science, Frank Pickel. The museum has research and collections in archaeology, ethnography, fossils and natural sciences. The archaeology collections include Caribbean archaeology, a ceramic technology lab, environmental archaeology, Florida, historical and Latin American archeology. The ethnography studies include both Latin American and North American artifacts. The fossils and natural sciences collections are extensive and includes birds, fishes, plants, invertebrate and vertebrate fossils.

The Butterfly Rainforest is a large screened area that houses hundred of live butterflies that live with subtropical plants. The exhibit has been open since 2004. The area is completely open for tour and there daily are sales of butterfly friendly plants. Inside the museum there is the "Wall of Wings" which displays the biology of thousands of butterflies and moths. The exhibit also displays the image of more than a 150 different Lepidoptera species.

Another great attraction is the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art which first opened its doors in 1990. The museum displays several pieces of art under the categories of Asian, African, modern and contemporary art. The museum also displays photography and has a traveling exhibitions that occurs throughout the year. Some of the current exhibitions include the Ceramics Avenues of Exchange, the Deep Roots, Bold Visions: Self Taught Artist of Alachua County, and Open Engagement: Strategies of Art, Love and War. There are several exhibitions that cover many different areas of both contemporary and modern art.

The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is an extension of the Santa Fe College that spans over ten acres of land. It is a great zoo trainer learning facility. The animals that are available for viewing include birds, fish, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. It allows visitors daily for viewing.