Garden Grove Dining

Carolina's Italian Restaurant
This cute restaurant provides traditional but fast Italian food. Their menu is filled with delicious pastas, pizzas and Italian desserts to tempt your taste buds. Carolina's is well known to the locals and always draws in a crowd. Be sure to stop here if you love quality Italian food without spending tons of cash.

Brodard Chateau
This fine Vietnamese restaurant in Garden Grove is sure to please your palette. This is one of the most popular restaurants in the city. They serve their famous pho saigon, fresh fruits and vegetables and much more. Brodard Chateau is a balance between high-end dining and budget dining. You are sure to have a great meal here.

Thai Nakorn Restaurant
Authentic Thai cuisine is served here. Everything from wild boar to seafood and rice dishes. This restaurant has a broad menu that ranges from bizarre to comfort food you may recognize. If you don't know what something is, ask your waiter so that you make an informed decision. This restaurant would appeal to those with an adventurous drive for unique foods.

Azeteca Mexican Restaurant
This standard Mexican restaurant has everything from quesadillas to fajitas and superb drinks at the bar. Azteca is wildly popular in Garden Grove, and you will definitely want to come back at least one more time before you leave the city. Their menu prices are modest, but serving sizes are huge. There's a good chance you won't finish your entire meal at Azteca.

Outback Steakhouse
If you are craving something casual, then Outback Steakhouse is located in Garden Grove and easily accessible. Their menu is pretty standard across the country, but sometimes you just need to eat without wanting to risk it at a local establishment. Steak and burgers are standard fare here, so come with your appetite ready.

Claws Restaurant
Serving up Cajun-style food and crawfish, this restaurant is one of the most popular deep-south eateries in Orange County. The restaurant is also pirate themed, which makes it a good place for kids too. Alcoholic beverages are served at the bar. The lively atmosphere is sure to be enjoyable for those that like seafood.

King Harbor Seafood
This seafood restaurant sells Cantonese and Chinese-inspired seafood dishes. If you love traditional Chinese food, then this restaurant will be perfect for you. The menu prices are fair, and reviewers typically rave about this restaurant.