Getting Around Green Bay

First Choice Shuttle
This is one of the best choices that residents have if they need a way to get to the airport or to a hotel. The shuttle is affordable for everyone to ride, and they have multiple routes that are driven each day.

Rental Cars
One of the best ways to travel around the city is a rental car. If you plan on visiting the city in the winter, this is probably the only option that you might have. You can rent a larger truck in order to travel on the winter roads. When you rent a car, you can decide what kind of car that you want and how long you want to keep it.

If you like riding a train, then you might want to consider Amtrak. This is one of the safest ways that you can travel in the area because of the conditions that the roads can get in in the winter. You can purchase tickets for Amtrak online or at the depot. There are over 20 train stations in the state, so it should be easy to find a track that takes you to your destination. The best thing about Amtrak is that they usually do not check your luggage. This means that you can get on the train after you store your bags, and you can head to your destination. The stations are small, but they do have handicapped access.

Flying into the city is great in the summer months. Try to avoid flying in the winter because of the amount of snow on the ground. There are two airports near the city, and both of them allow large planes to fly in and out.

Green Bay Metro
This is a bus system that runs through the city. There are many stops that the buses make so that you can plan your trip. Most buses run in all types of weather, but there may be delays when it snows. Pets are not allowed on the bus. It is recommended that elderly riders sit in the front seats. A pass is required to ride the bus if you are a frequent rider.