Hampton Transportation

Amtrak Station
Two Amtrak railway stations can be found near Hampton. The first one is located about 5 miles away from the Hampton City Center. This Amtrack center is found on 9304 Warwick Blvd. in Newport News, VA. This Amtrak station has a ticket office so that visitors can purchase their tickets at the ticket booth. Visitors should call ahead and ensure that their route is available for purchase. Visitors should also be aware that this Amtrak station does not accept checked baggage and does not offer food services. The second Amtrak center that is located near the Hampton City Center is found in Norfolk. This Amtrak center can be found on Norfolk Monticello Ave. & Va. Beach Blvd. It is about 12 miles away from the Hampton Center. Visitors should be aware that this Amtrak station does not offer train service and only offers a bus system. There also is no ticket office available at this Amtrak station so visitors should purchase their tickets through the Internet.

Hampton Roads Transit
The Hampton Roads Transit company offers public transportation in areas within and surrounding Hampton. The transit company offers a bus service and railway service. The service is very reliable and plenty of local residents depend on the bus system for transportation to and from their places of employment. The paddlewheel ferries are also another form of transportation offered by the Hampton Roads Transit company. The paddlewheel ferries can carry up to 150 passengers. The ferry is a good option for visitors who need to go to Portsmouth. They travel on the Elizabeth River from Norfolk to Portsmouth. The ferries provide transportation to visitors every 30 minutes. One should check the ferry schedule before arriving at the station to purchase a ticket for a ferry ride. Sometimes, the ferries can become quickly booked during the summer months when many tourists are visiting Hampton.

Taxi Services
Hampton offers a variety of taxi services that visitors can use. Yellow Cab and Hometown Taxi are two examples of national chains operating in the area. Andi's Taxi Group is a local tax company that also offers reliable transportation for visitors. The drivers who work for Andi's Taxi Group have a thorough knowledge of the best routes to take in Hampton for the traveler who may be in a bind for time. Orange Cab Co. is another top-notch taxi service that may bring visitors to their destinations.