Hampton Dining

Smitty's Better Burger
For the best burger in town, the place to go is Smitty's Better Burger. The bacon cheeseburger will have any visitor's mouth watering and wanting more. This establishment offers oversized burgers with fresh ingredients. One will never have to worry about old lettuce when they dine at Smitty's Better Burger. The restaurant aims to provide its customers with the best burger in the state of Virginia. It is a small restaurant that is beloved by thousands of residents in Virginia.

Six Little Bar Bistro
The Six Little Bar Bistro is a chic restaurant for a girl's night out on the town. If you are only in Hampton, VA, for a few days, then you must be sure to squeeze a visit to the Six Little Bar Bistro into your schedule. This little bar features some of the best drinks and desserts in town. One of the yummiest creations that visitors will enjoy is the s'mores dessert. The chef will bring out a plate of s'mores ingredients so that visitors can make their own version of this classic dessert. The "Salty Dog" is a drink that locals rave about for its sweet grapefruit juice and salt on the rim.

Harpoon Larry's Oyster Bar
Locals rave about the deals they can find at Harpoon Larry's Oyster Bar. On some nights, visitors can enjoy oysters for only fifty cents apiece. Locals love the fresh crab legs that sell for $7.99 on Tuesdays. The restaurant is known for providing some of the freshest seafood in town, along with great beer selections. Sit down, enjoy a plate of oysters and let the good times roll at Harpoon Larry's Oyster Bar.

Ricco's Pizza
If visitors decide to have a night in, they may want to try some of the delicious pizza from Ricco's Pizza. The mushroom pizza is a favorite amongst the locals. One can also try the pineapple pepperoni pizza to taste all of the fresh ingredients that this great pizzeria uses. Ricco's Pizza does do deliveries so you can stay inside and enjoy munching on some pizza at night.

Jason's Deli
Jason's Deli offers fresh deli sandwiches, soups and salads. This restaurant is the place to go for the individual who wants to have some healthier options on the menu. The chicken noodle soup is absolutely delectable, and the Reuben sandwich is a favorite amongst the locals who visit Jason's Deli.