Hampton Information

Hampton, Virginia is a travel destination for visitors with a variety of interests. Whether you like history, culture, beaches, shopping, or other attractions, Hampton, Virginia will appeal to you. Nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and the Hampton Roads Harbor, this vacation spot is easy to get to and easy to enjoy. With fairly mild weather throughout the year, travelers can come for a long weekend or an extended stay anytime.

Known as a city of America's firsts, Hampton, Virginia draws many visitors exploring the city's history. As America's first continuous English-speaking settlement, Hampton has hosted a variety of historical firsts, which are highlighted in the city's history museums. The first free public schools were founded in Hampton, and during the Civil War Hampton was base to the only Union outpost in the Confederacy, and the site of a famous battle between the first ironclad battleships. Hampton has several historical museums that will make any visit a learning experience worth remembering.

If you would like to see something a little more modern, Hampton is home to the official visitor center of the NASA Langley Research Center. Named the Virginia Air and Space Center, this modern facility houses an IMAX theater and over 100 hands-on exhibits that educate visitors about the exploration of space. With changing exhibits and movies, the Virginia Air and Space Center will be a different experience every time you come to Hampton, Virginia.

In addition to Hampton's rich historical and cultural attractions, the city offers many shopping and dining experiences. Hampton offers three distinct shopping districts that cater to every shopper. Coliseum Central is Hampton's largest shopping center and offers a large assortment of dining and shopping experiences. Downtown Hampton features local shops, antiques, unique gifts, and a fine art gallery. Phoebus is in the heart of the Hampton Historical District and is home to artisans, craft makers, and a wholesale seafood company.

The Hampton beaches often become the highlight of any visitor's stay. Buckroe Beach offers a wide variety of features and attractions, and is the city's most famous beach. On the other hand, if you are looking for rest and relaxation, Grandview Beach offers a quiet place to relax on the beach. No matter what kind of vacation you are looking for, Hampton, Virginia has something for everyone.