Irvine Transportation

John Wayne Airport
It is a breeze to get in and out of Irvine by making use of this airport. This is one of the fastest, friendliest places to fly in the country, and that many people drive all the way from downtown Los Angeles to Irvine just to use John Wayne Airport.

Rent a Car
Renting a car while in Irvine is a great idea. All of the big car rental companies have a presence at John Wayne Airport, making it simple to pick up a rental car right after arrival. Driving in Irvine is a joy. This is one place in southern California that does not struggle with the traffic congestion that is found in most of the region. The town was planned vey specifically to allow traffic to flow well at all times, so even during rush hour it is smooth sailing in Irvine.

Orange County Transit Authority runs the buses in Irvine. The bus is not the best method of transport in the city. It is pretty slow to get around on the bus. Getting from one area of the city to another usually requires travelling all the way into downtown and transferring to another bus.

Almost every hotel in Irvine provides a free shuttle service. These shuttles will take hotel guests wherever they need to go as long as it is within a few miles of the hotel. This free service makes it very easy to get around for those people staying in a hotel during their visit to Irvine.

This is one of the most bike-friendly cities imaginable. All of the major roads in the city have bike lanes and many of the secondary roads do as well. Drivers are very courteous to bikers, giving them plenty of room. There are also lots of off-road bike trails that nature lovers can enjoy.

Irvine is very compact for an American city, which makes it easy to get around by walking. People staying in the central part of town often find that they can get to most places they need to go on foot.

Irvine Shuttle
This city shuttle bus is specifically designed for tourists. It shuttles around between all of the major tourist attractions in Irvine. The cost is nominal and the buses are well-maintained.

There is a train station in town that offers service to other areas of southern California via Amtrak and Metrolink.