Irvine Dining

Irving's palate is one of robust flavors and style. Our dining opportunities are sure to please any appetite with a menu that spans Texas, as well as the globe. Irving's hotels feature fine steaks and fresh seafood, Southwestern specialties, Eurasian flair, Tex-Mex and traditional dining. And don't forget that this is Texas - there's plenty of authentic steakhouses to choose from, and some unique seafood venues, too. If your flair tends to run internationally, check out our offerings in Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and more. If you're the type who prefers homestyle cooking, there's plenty to fill your plate. And for those keeping it simpler or healthier, we've got something for you, too.

Some of the best food experiences are to be found in one of the following places:

Via Real
4020 North MacArthur Boulevard, Irving, TX 75038
+1 972 650 9001
Walking the front doors of Via Real is like stepping off the Conestoga in Sedona. A five foot high wall of adobe serves to establish the sense of entry, and to separate diners from arriving patrons.

Cool River Cafe
1045 Hidden Ridge, Irving, TX 75038
+1 972 871 8881
Cool River is the culmination of countless hours of pondering the question "what does the guest really want?" The restaurant was to be called Cool River. The ambiance would be warm yet elegant. It would have a residential feel. It would offer a fine restaurant with steak and seafood with a southwestern twist along with an elegant and elaborate bar with hand crafted billiard tables behind walls of glass.

Cafe Cipriani
220 East Las Colinas Boulevard, Irving, TX 75039
+1 972 869 0713
Cafe Cipriani is located in the heart of beautiful Las Colinas and has been serving fine Italian cuisine since August of 1984. The menu consist of homemade pastas, chicken, veal, seafood dishes, daily specials, and an assortment of our in house desserts.