Jacksonville Transportation

The city of Jacksonville, Florida has a number of transportation resources for travelers, residents and guests who are commuting in town and the surrounding area. Ranging from cars to boats to buses, Jacksonville has a number of options to serve her constituency that enables folks to get to their location in a timely manner.

Interstate 295 surrounds the city and connects commuters to Interstate 10, which goes west through Houston, Texas and all the way to Santa Monica, California. In addition, it connects north to Washington, DC and south to Miami, Florida. Interstate 10 goes from the west of the city to the center of Jacksonville and turns north eventually connecting to Interstate 295. At the same point where Interstate 10 turns north, Interstate 95 goes southeast out of the city. Highway 1 travels from northwest Jacksonville to her southeast corner while Highway 90, Florida State 10 and Florida State 202, also known as Butler Blvd, connects residents and visitors to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority, also known as JTA, offers a variety of services to its residents and visitors. The regular bus service includes fifty-six routes and serves the entire city. The JTA Connexion serves elderly and disabled residents and visitors with special buses designed to assist them. Jacksonville has an express bus service and goes non-stop on five specific routes from surrounding suburbs to the city. Finally, the city has trolley replica-buses that services downtown and has direct lines to Jacksonville's beautiful beaches.

River taxis, also know as water taxis, provide transportation across the St. Johns River and brings residents and visitors to Jacksonville's beautiful waterfronts to both the north and south banks. The Riverwalk, located on the south bank of St. Johns River, has shops and attractions and is a must see for tourists and residents alike.

For business travelers and visitors, the Jacksonville International Airport, also known as JAX, offers accessibility and availability for folks coming to Jacksonville from the United States and around the world. While at the airport, there are a number of transportation possibilities. JAX has seven rental car companies that service Jacksonville and her suburbs. Taxis are available for air travelers. Gator City Taxi is the official taxi of the airport and transports residents and guests to their destination. Certain hotels provide shuttles to transport guests back and forth from the airport to the hotel.