Jersey City Dining

Edward's Steak House
This is the best steak house in Jersey City, and it is just as good as any of the more famous steak houses in nearby New York City. The restaurant is in a historic brownstone building that is very beautiful. The bar downstairs is warm and inviting. The service is excellent and very knowledgeable. The wine list is very large and is constantly being updated. A meal at Edward's Steak House is definitely something not to be missed during a visit to Jersey City.

Porto Leggero
This is an Italian restaurant that is as good as anything that can be found in New York City. The service is warm and knowledgeable. It is great to receive a plate of antipasti before the meal like most restaurants do in Italy, but most Italian restaurants in this country do not. They have an absolutely fantastic wine list. The best part about Porto Leggero is that even though it is cuisine of the highest caliber, the prices are very reasonable.

Skinner's Loft
This is one of those rare places that serves gourmet cuisine, yet is kid-friendly. The wait staff brings crayons and coloring books out for kids to enjoy while their parents can sit back and enjoy a glass of wine. The menu is very diverse and is constantly changing to make the best use of seasonal ingredients. They always have at least one vegan dish on the menu as well as several vegetarian options. There is also a roof garden that provides a lovely atmosphere for a romantic candlelit dinner during summer evenings.

Presto's Restaurant
This is another great Italian restaurant to try out while visiting Jersey City. The pasta here is fantastic, and every dish available on the simple menu is simply fantastic. There is not any amount of pretension in this place. The best part about it is the fact that it is BYOB. There is a liquor store just up the street that has a fantastic wine selection, so just pick up a bottle of vino and head to Presto's Restaurant for a great night.

Fire & Oak
This restaurant in the Westin Hotel has a diverse menu that is always prepared well. They have an amazing three-course lobster dinner that everyone loves. They serve all kinds of cuisine, but the seafood is the star. The service is always good and the wine list is as well.