Jersey City Information

Jersey City is located in Hudson County and is the second largest city in New Jersey, in terms of population. Jersey City has 11 miles of waterfront, sitting across from Lower Manhattan. Because of its waterway and rail connections, Jersey City is an important manufacturing and distribution center for New York and New Jersey.

Jersey City was home to some of the earliest settlements of Europeans in America, but you won't see too much evidence of that in this bustling and very diverse modern city. It is divided into several neighborhoods. Downtown is the area bordered by the Hudson River, the Newark Bay Extension, Hoboken and Liberty State Park. Newport and Exchange Place are waterfront areas that have been developed into high-rise apartments, offices and hotels. The Downtown area includes Newport Centre Mall and the Westin Hotel, a sign of its recent gentrification.

The Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood, which is formerly Bergen City, is bordered by Greenville, McGinley Square and Liberty State Park. This area is referred to as "The Hill" by locals. The former Jersey City Medical Center and a cluster of other buildings have been converted into a residential complex called The Beacon.

Jersey City Heights, also known as "The Heights," is at the north end of the city, overlooking Hoboken and the Meadowlands. The houses in The Heights are smaller apartment buildings and two-family homes, which reflect the North Hudson architectural style.

Over 50 percent of Jersey City residents either walk or take public transportation to work, making it second only to New York City, in terms of percentage of residents using public transit. Over 40 percent of residents don't own a car, the second highest percentage of all large cities in the United States. Choices of public transportation are many: the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, PATH train, NJ Transit buses, NY Waterway Ferries and Liberty Water Taxi can all get you around town and into New York City.

Jersey City has three institutions of higher education: New Jersey City University, Saint Peter's College and Hudson Community College. The Liberty Science Center is not to be missed if you're in Jersey City. It is an interactive science museum and learning center, which houses the world's largest IMAX Dome theater. If you decide to go shopping in Jersey City, it's helpful to know that it's an Urban Enterprise Zone, which means the sales tax is only 3.5 percent instead of the usual 7 percent.