Kalamazoo Transportation

One of the best ways to get into Kalamazoo would be to drive. Kalamazoo is well located near the interchange of Interstate 94 and US Highway 131. By using these highways, drivers can connect to a number of large cities within a short period of time. Drivers can get to and from Chicago, IL within just three hours, Detroit, MI within just two hours, South Bend, IN within just 90 minutes, and Indianapolis, IN within just five hours.

Those that would prefer not to drive do have other options for getting into Kalamazoo. One option would be to fly into Kalamazoo / Battle Creek International Airport, which is located just outside of the Kalamazoo Central Business District. This airport is largely used as a small regional airport as it serves around three hundred thousand passengers each year. While it is largely used for regional flights, American Airlines and Delta Connection provide daily direct service to several cities including Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis.

The third option for getting into the city would be to take a bus. The Greyhound Bus service operates a station in downtown Kalamazoo, which provides daily bus service directly to several cities including Chicago and Detroit. The Greyhound could ultimately be used to connect to any city in the United States. For more regional travel, the Indiana Trails bus line is available. This bus line operates bus routes throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois.

Once inside the city, there are a few transportation options for getting around. A city-sponsored bus system is managed by Metro Transit. This bus system operates a total of 23 different bus lines, which run throughout the city and also connect to several smaller communities located around the city. Buses typically run every fifteen to twenty minutes during the weekday and a little less frequently on the weekends.

Travelers coming to Kalamazoo could also take advantage of the train system that is provided. Amtrak train lines run directly into Kalamazoo on two different lines, the Blue Water line and Wolverine line. These trains can provide immediate access to Chicago, IL as well as various cities located throughout Michigan.