Kalamazoo Information

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum
A great place to go to learn the history of Kalamazoo is to visit the city's museum. There, travelers learn how Kalamazoo residents have contributed to the world of technology in the various attractions featured at the museum. The museum also has a planetarium where people will be able to discover what it is like to travel within the space craft. The museum also features historical lessons of a sensitive nature from time to time. Just one of these types of exhibits is entitled, "Uneasy Years: Michigan Jewry during Depression and War."

Verhage Fruit Farms
The Verhage Fruit Farms is the place to find fresh produce, and their main selections are asparagus, cherries, peaches and strawberries. Those who are fans of the apple can take the opportunity to be present during the apple season when they will have the pleasure of observing how the farm creates its apple cider. Lots of goodies will also be there for the taking, such as their donuts, pies, fudge and jams.

Kalamazoo Nature Center
Kalamazoo has beautiful outside scenery to behold, so visitors to this city would be remiss in not seeing what the Kalamazoo Nature Center has to offer. As people step inside the nature center, they will discover an entire forest on the inside. The center also has animal exhibits and a chance for people to take a hike of their choosing along the many trails around the attraction. For those who are fans of butterflies, this nature center has an entire house devoted to them.

Kalamazoo Speedway
The Kalamazoo Speedway offers visitors and residents alike the chance to see a few Nascar races in person as well as some other lesser known races. The calendar is full with several scheduled events. Due to the popularity of the speedway, it needed to be built large enough to accommodate a large number of guests and it does so with a 6,500 seat stadium that regularly fits 5,000 people every week.

Tempo Vino Winery
Kalamazoo is home to a popular winery called the Tempo Vino Winery. It's a winery that people can enjoy whether they are knowledgeable in the wine tasting industry or they are visiting for the very first time. The winery makes use of grapes from California and other countries such as Italy and France and creates its own blend of wine that visitors to the winery can watch being made. It even gives visitors a chance to join in and create their own custom wines.