Kent Transportation

The city of Kent, Washington has many transportation opportunities for visitors and residents alike who wish to travel throughout Kent and the communities around her, which include Seattle, Washington. Whether one is traveling by car, mass transit or bicycle, the opportunities of transportation are plentiful.

For those who desire to travel by car, the city of Kent has many options of getting from one place to another. On the very far west side of Kent, Interstate 5 goes as far south as San Diego, California and travels north to Seattle. State Route 167 goes south to north through the center of Kent and eventually connects to Interstate 405 in Seattle. State Route 18, also known as Auburn-Echo Lake Cutoff Road, covers the very southeastern corner of the city. Kent itself is full of roadways, side streets and many other major streets that connect one part of the city to the other. In addition, there are sections of driving for carpooling vehicles that enable faster access and travel throughout the area.

King County Metro services the city of Kent's public transportation division. Bus routes blanket the city and bring commuters and visitors to all parts of Kent, which include historic places such as Bereiter House, and to the Kent Historical Museum. Buses are equipped to handle bicycles in case if one gets a flat tire or decides to complete a journey on the bus. In addition, there are many bus routes that transport locals and guests to various parts of Seattle.

For residents and visitors who are looking for transportation other than a bus or car, the Sounder Commuter Rail is a good option. Completed in 2001, the Sounder Commuter Rail enables residents in Kent to visit the areas surrounding her, which include multiple stops in Seattle.

One mode of transportation that is often overlooked in Kent is its bicycle routes. Kent's routes are connected with the King County Bicycle routes that cover Kent, Seattle and the surrounding areas. A number of routes have shared roadways with buses and cars while others have paved trails along parks and other scenic parts of the city. For more adventurous and challenge seeking cyclists, the Kent/Seattle area offers soft-surface trails which can be quite difficult coupled with rain which keeps the trails soft and sometimes muddy.