Lakewood Transportation

Lakewood, Colorado offers visitors and residents with a wonderful plethora of sights and experiences in her town and the surrounding area. In addition, Lakewood has many transportation opportunities for folks who desire to travel to and from such events and places. Some of these options are as follows.

Traveling in Lakewood by car is one of the most the popular choices by visitors and residents. A number of interstates and highways surround her. On her west side, Interstate 70, which Interstate 70B connects with, travels north and eventually turns east to go to Denver. Interstate 25, though not directly touching Lakewood on her east side, has quick access points which allow commuters and tourists to get to Denver in a quick manner. US 6 Route in Illinois, which goes east and west, connects Interstate 25 with Interstate 70 while going through Lakewood on her north side.

Lakewood has many residential and business roadways that cross the city and enable folks to get from one place to another without having to take the interstate. South Wadsworth Boulevard, which goes north and south through the heart of the city, connects travels and commuters to a number of Lakewood shops and restaurants. Other major streets in town include West Colfax Avenue, home of famous restaurant Casa Bonita, and West Alameda, which connects to William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park.

The bus system that serves the community of Lakewood and the surrounding area is the Regional Transportation District, also known as RTD. With over ten thousand bus stops and many routes that cross the city and surrounding area, Lakewood is thoroughly connected.

Only about thirty miles way from Lakewood, Denver International Airport is a convenient location for business travelers and tourists who come to visit Lakewood and Denver. For those who need transportation from the airport, a number of rental car businesses offer shuttles to their establishments. In addition, a number of taxi companies service the Denver International Airport, Lakewood, and her surrounding communities. Certain hotels offer free shuttle service to their perspective locations. The RTD has buses that connect to the airport.

Bicycling is one mode of transportation that is often overlooked by commuters and tourists. However, there are a number of bike paths throughout Lakewood and her surrounding communities and bring folks to their desired destinations. Often times these routes are connected with the RTD and have bus-bike stations and lockers.