Lansing Transportation

Lansing Michigan has many transportation possibilities for residents and visitors alike. Lansing, also known as Mid-Michigan, is centrally located in the state and has a number of options as folks commute and visit Michigan's capital.

One of the major benefits for folks who are driving in Lansing is its highway systems. Encircling Lansing and her suburbs is Interstates 69 and 96. Coming from the southeast and passing through Detroit, Interstate 96 forms part of the circle around Lansing and exits on her northwest side eventually going up the northwest coast of Michigan. Interstate 69, which comes from Fort Wayne, Indiana, forms the other part of the circle around Lansing and goes northeast to Flint, Michigan. Splitting the circle of Lansing and going through the heart of the city from east to west is Interstate 496. US Highway 127 shares Interstate 69 on the east side of Lansing, but continues straight into northern half of Michigan while Interstate 69 goes east after going around the city.

Lansing and her suburbs are serviced by the Capital Area Transportation Authority, which is also known as CATA. With over thirty routes all over Lansing and her surrounding suburbs, CATA's bus service is second to none. Stops along certain bus routes include Michigan's state capital, The Riverwalk Theatre, Michigan Library and Historical Center and Michigan State University. There are a number of park and ride options for visitors and commuters who wish to park their vehicle and take the bus to their preferred location.

For folks who prefer a more physically demanding means of travel around the city, Lansing offers the Lansing River Trail. About thirteen miles long, Lansing River Trail is beneficial for getting cyclists close to a number of attractions and special events around town including the Potter Park Zoo, Hawk Island County Park and the Common Ground Music Festival.

Capital Region International Airport proudly serves Lansing and her surrounding communities. A number of hotels provide Park and Fly opportunities and free shuttle service to business travels and guests in Lansing. In addition, taxis are available at the airport for folks who prefer a different mode of transportation.

One form of transportation that can be overlooked in Lansing is Amtrak. Though East Lansing is Amtrak's only stop in the Lansing area, its Chicago, Illinois to Port Huron, Michigan route connects the city with other cities, towns and communities.