Livermore Information

Livermore, California is home to just over 80,000 residents, many of whom make annual incomes that venture into the six-digit range. Livermore is close enough to the San Francisco Bay to be called a coastal city on a global scale, but inland enough to clearly separate itself from the hustle and bustle of a large metropolis. Located in Alameda County, the city spans about 25-square-miles and regularly draws vacationers from many nearby locations to its clean and quaint locales.

Those looking for outdoor sports are in luck, as the city of Livermore is flanked on all four sides by excellent golf courses, three of which are surprisingly affordable. The priciest round of golf will be found at the Ruby Hill Country Club, which is stunning in appearance and challenging for even the most confident golfer.

Plenty of family fun can be found within the town's borders, including a number of candy and ice cream shops. The young ones can work off their sugar rush at one of the region's eight public parks, which are all well-groomed and healthy. The Arroyo Bike Trail cuts through the city and Parkway Park, and is followed all the while by a meandering creek just steps to the south.

Folks interested in visiting or moving to the area can access the western edge of the city by way of the Livermore Municipal Airport. For those that are into large commercial airliners, the San Francisco International Airport is only a 50-minute drive from the heart of Livermore.

Many industries have planted their roots in the city, creating factory and processing jobs for many of the town's blue-collar residents. Winemaking continues to be a prolific business on the borders and outskirts of the region, and some of the area's most coveted and boldest Cabernets come from Livermore vines.

A proud and unique distinction of the city is that it is believed to be in possession of the world's longest burning light bulb, which was originally purchased and screwed into place in the year 1901. No one is sure how the light keeps cranking out illumination, but it is a testament to the fact that even inanimate objects enjoy their time spent in Livermore. If you decide to visit the lavish and bountiful region, we're quite sure that you will too.