Lombard Transportation

Lombard, a beautiful town in Illinois, has many appeals to its residents and visitors. Though transportation can be quite challenging in a larger city or town, Lombard has many modes of transportation for getting in and around the city and its surrounding area including the city of Chicago, Illinois. The modes of transportation are as follows.

A number of Interstates and highways cover the city of Lombard. In its west side Interstate 355, also known as Veterans Memorial Tollway S, goes north and south connecting to other suburbs including Downers Grove and Bloomingdale. Interstate 88, known to some as the Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway, touches Lombard's south side and connects with the Dwight D. Eisenhower Expressway. Illinois Route 38, located in the south third of the city, travels east and west and connects travelers to Interstates 355 and 294. Illinois Route 64 covers the far north of the city. Popular roads in town include Main Street (north and south), South Westmore, South Myers, and South Westmore-Myers Road, Grace Street and Madison Avenue (west and east).

The Regional Transportation Authority, also known as the RTA, services the city of Lombard and the surrounding area. A number of bus lines cover the city and enable residents and visitors to commute to various areas around town and the community around Lombard. In addition, a number of bus lines connect people to the RTA's train system that brings folks to and from the city of Chicago.

For folks coming to and from Lombard, the Chicago O'Hare International Airport offers a different mode of transportation. Less than 25 miles away from Lombard, Chicago O'Hare is a quick drive or commute for visitors and residents. When looking for transportation at the airport, a number of hotels offer shuttle service to and from their facilities. A lot of car rental businesses are available for folks to rent a vehicle. In addition, the Regional Transportation Authority provides buses and trains to serve Chicago O'Hare's customers.

For those who wish to visit Chicago and stay away from its cars and the RTA, Metra's Union/Pacific Line is the way to go. The Union/Pacific Line connects the city of Lombard to Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. With routes to Chicago daily, Union/Pacific offers visitors affordable transportation with the consistency of a fixed schedule. Park and ride is available at low prices.