Memphis Dining

America's Incredible Pizza Company
This '50s style restaurant is an experience with your meal. Upbeat music sets the vibe. This family-friendly restaurant will excite people of all ages. Waiters and waitresses dress in themed uniforms, and bring your food with a smile. They serve pizza of all types including custom made pizzas. The pizza buffet has food of all types. The game center is packed with arcade games and rides for young children. This restaurant goes above and beyond the average pizza place.

Hard Rock Cafe
The Hard Rock Cafe is a chain that is scattered around the United States, but this one gives a special ode to Elvis. Memphis was his home, and the people here honor him in the Hard Rock. You are likely to hear Elvis music playing while eating. This is one place you have to dine at if you are an Elvis fan.

'37 Fine Dining
Located at Harrah's in Memphis, this restaurant is a fine-dining delight. Dinner is the only thing served here. You can expect fine steaks, seafood and other fare on the menu. Wine and cocktails are served as well, and you can choose from one of their top-shelf options.

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
This restaurant serves delicious Ethiopian food. If you are looking for something authentic, then look no further. Abyssinia is loved by locals and a favorite of tourists. Ethiopian food is not traditionally consumed by using utensils. For the complete experience of an authentic meal, tear off a piece of the injera bread and dig in.

Bayou Bar And Grill
Cheap, fast and friendly are the words that describe Bayou Bar And Grill. They serve classic food that borders on comfort food. Full bar is available, and they are only open for lunch and dinner. The Bayou is located in a historic district, so you can get out and explore after your meal. The food served here is typical bar food, but the meals have a southern twist.

Cafe Eclectic
This cafe serves mini meals that blend the best of multiple cultures. It is pricier than most cafes, but the great food and trendy atmosphere more than make up for that. Menu items include diablo nachos, tofu wraps, eclectic dog and a brie and pear sandwich. You are guaranteed to love everything on the menu, and you will probably want more of it.