Welcome to Mesa

Mesa is the third-largest city in Arizona and is located near the city of Phoenix. The area was originally inhabited by the Hohokam people, who built extensive canals in the area. The Hohokam eventually disappeared and the area was later settled by pioneers from Utah and Idaho. Today, the city is home to many wonderful attractions that provide respite from the hot Arizona summers.

The Mesa Arts Center is home to multiple theaters, art galleries, museum exhibits and studios. The Center hosts a variety of plays and other performing arts in the theaters. The indoor art exhibits focus on modern and contemporary art. Outside of the Center, visitors can find creative art displays among native plants, water features and impressive architecture.

The Arizona Museum for Youth makes a great attraction for children of all ages. Children can play with toys or create their own works of art. In the Artville section of the museum, children are encouraged to use their creativity to interact with unique shapes and toys. Additionally, children can pretend to cook in a fun kitchen or read books in the nearby living room. The Artzone section is geared towards older children with a variety of art activities, including finger painting and drawing.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History provides an in-depth history of the Mesa area, from prehistoric creatures to native cultures. The museum displays an impressive collection of local dinosaur skeletons. Some of the museum's other highlights include a recreation of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine and a Hohokam village. With many interactive activities aimed at children, the Arizona Museum of Natural History is a great stop for families.

Mesa Golfland Sunsplash is a fun attraction with families in mind. This park features water activities including wave pools, slides and a tubing river. The rest of the park offers plenty to do for those looking to stay dry. Families can challenge each other among hundreds of video games in the arcade or to a round of miniature golf on three different courses. The park also includes a bumper boat lagoon and a raceway for more family fun.

Stratum Laser Tag advertises itself as the largest laser tag arena in the world with a 13,000 square foot arena. The arena features multiple levels, ramps and other obstacles for more challenge during play. Participants will be amazed at the dazzling light display within the arena. The arena is big enough to accommodate 60 players at any time, with each game lasting about 20 minutes. After each game, visitors will receive a printed report detailing how well they performed during the match.