Getting Around Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota has many types of transportation to get in and around her in convenience and quickness. Minneapolis, also known as the City of Lakes, gets visitors and residents to those must see areas and enables folks to get where they want to go in good time. When traveling in the City of Lakes, transportation does not need to be a concern.

There are a number of Interstates and highways in and around Minneapolis, which make it easy to get around in. Traveling from the city's south end, Interstate 35W goes northward until downtown when it turns northeastward eventually going through St. Paul. Highway 62 covers Minneapolis's far south side boarding the city of Richfield. Interstate 694, just north of the city, surrounds Minneapolis and St. Paul. Interstate 394 from the west goes into the heart of downtown and then becomes Interstate 94 going north to meet up with 694 and going east into St. Paul.

The City of Lakes is known for her roads that cover her from north and south such as Nicollet Avenue, Park Avenue and Chicago Avenue among others. Roads that bring visitors directly to the lakes include Penn Avenue South and West Lake Street. Other important streets in downtown are Hennepin Avenue and First Avenue.

Minneapolis and her surrounding areas are serviced by Metro Transit that has a number of bus lines that cover the city and bring folks to and from the suburbs. In addition, the City of Lakes offers residents and guests Light Rail Transit (LRT) Hiawatha Line from downtown Minneapolis south to both airports (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2) all the way to the Mall of America. On her north side, Minneapolis offers service to the northern suburbs by means of the Northstar Commuter Rail.

The city has worked hard to accommodate bicyclists throughout the city. There are bike lanes in downtown devoted solely to cyclists. Surrounding many lakes are bike paths which bring residents and visitors together to enjoy the lakes' magnificent beauty. Bikes for rent are located in 60 kiosks around the city and 19 pedicabs service downtown.

The two airports that service Minneapolis and St. Paul are Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Formerly known as Lindbergh (Terminal 1) and Humphrey (Terminal 2) terminals, these airports commute thousands of travelers daily and offer light-rail, bus, taxi cab, and shuttle service to various destinations throughout Minneapolis and her vicinities.