Naperville Transportation

One of the most convenient transportation options for getting into Naperville, IL would be to drive. Naperville is served by two major interstates, I-55 and I-88. Interstate 55 can be used to drive directly into the city of Chicago, IL, which is located about 25 miles northeast from Naperville or Joliet, IL, which is located about 15 miles southwest from Naperville. Interstate 88 can be used to connect to either I-290 or I-294, which can be used to connect into either Chicago or other suburban communities.

Another transportation option for getting into Naperville would be to take a train. The city of Naperville, IL is located along a Metra train line, which provides service to either Chicago or Aurora, IL. There are two different Metra train stations in Naperville, one of which is located in downtown Naperville and the other of which is located off of Route 59 on the west side of the city. Metra operates dozens of trains each day between Naperville and downtown Chicago, many of which take place during the early morning and early evening rush hours. Travelers can normally connect to downtown Chicago with 40 minutes by taking the train.

The Pace bus system is the third option for getting into the city. Pace operates several different bus lines that can be used to connect in and out of the city. The buses typically run as far east as the Chicago city limits at which point someone can connect to the Chicago public transportation system. Local bus routes are available to connect to various stops within Naperville as well as other surrounding communities including Aurora and Wheaton.

Those that are coming into Naperville from further distances could fly. The city is served by a small regional airport, Naper Aero Club, which allows travel on private or small regional jets. Those that are coming from far distances could fly into either Midway International Airport or O'Hare International Airport, each of which are located about 30 minutes away.

Service into Naperville is also available via the Greyhound bus service. Several buses leave the city each day from either Naperville or Aurora. These buses can be used to connect to any major city located in the continental United States.