Newark Transportation

Newark, California is part of the East San Francisco Bay area of California, falling in Alameda County and bordered by the City of Freemont to the east and Union City to the north. As is the case for much of the area, Newark is served by excellent public transportation, though the primary mode of transit is by car.

Car Travel
Newark falls next to Interstate 880, the primary local thoroughfare running between San Jose in the south and the San Francisco area in the North. In the northwestern portion of Newark is the Dumbarton Bridge, part of California Route 84, which travels southeast across the southern San Francisco Bay to neighboring Palo Alto, California. The San Francisco Bay area is served by one of the nation's largest and most-complex network of highways, making car travel easy if plagued by frequent traffic.

Bus Travel
The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, otherwise known as AC Transit, operates an extensive network of buses serving the East San Francisco Bay area, including Newark, neighboring Freemont, Union City and Hayward, and Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda to the north. AC Transit buses from Newark primarily travel to the Oakland area to the north and across the bay to the San Francisco area in the northwest.

BART and Light Rail Transportation
With easy access with stops in neighboring Freemont and Union City, hopping on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART) allows quick and simple access to the entire Bay Area. BART is known for its rapid service, low fares and numerous stops opening up large areas of this greater metropolitan area. While there are no stops in Newark, the BART is accessible by AC Transit bus or car.

In addition, a planned Calrail project would run between Silicon Valley to the southeast and the major cities of Alameda County to the north, adding a stop in Newark as well as Freemont-Centerville, Union City and East Palo Alto. The project is currently in environmental review stages.

Newark is primarily served by Oakland International Airport, and sometimes by San Francisco International Airport. Both are major international flight destinations with flights running to and fro from around the world. Newark is around 20 to 25 minutes away by car from Oakland International Airport, with both airports reachable through public transportation.