New Orleans Transportation

The city's primary airport is Louis Armstrong International Airport, located in the suburb of Kenner, Louisiana. Since summer 2006, Armstrong Int'l is again served by 202 daily flights to/from 33 destinations (approximately 57% of its capacity prior to Hurricane Katrina) thoughout North America. To get into town a taxi ($28 for one or two people) is quickest; that's the flat fee from the airport to any spot in the French Quarter or Central Business District. Limo service is also available for rates starting at $35. Many major hotels have shuttle buses from the airport. Even if you're not staying at one of those hotels, the shuttles can often be a value for those getting in to town if their destination is near one of the hotels. There is a public transit bus from the airport to Loyola Avenue in the New Orleans Central Business District; the stop is a fair walk from the luggage pickup, and you'll probably have to ask at an information desk to find it.

The main artery into and out of town is Interstate 10, going to the east and west.

Bus and train stations are next to each other at the edge of the Central Business District.

Some places that were affected hardest by Hurricane Katrina are still unsafe for automobile traffic. If possible, avoid driving through these places or consider alternative means of transport if available. Be alert that the streets of much of the city were laid out before the automobile, especially in the older parts of town of most interest to visitors. There are many one way streets, and in some neighborhoods two-way side streets may be so narrow that cars going one way may need to pull to the side to let vehicles going the other way pass when someone has parked on the street. Parking is often hard to find around many areas of interest to tourists, but there are generally pay lots in the area.

Those staying in or near the French Quarter can easily get around by foot, with optional occasional trips by streetcar, bus, or cab if they wish to visit other parts of town.