New York City Transportation

The New York Subway system is a very common means of transportation within the city and offers a convenient way to get around town. There are several subway lines that run through the major areas of town, allowing you to get to your destination easily. You can ride the Metro subway by purchasing a ticket at any of the station vending machines or by purchasing a metro card for daily or multi-day usage.

Public Transportation Buses
New York also includes a public bus transportation system that runs throughout the city, giving you the convenience of transportation without having to go up and down the stairs at the subway stations. The public buses use the same Metrocards, allowing you to purchase cards on the buses or at any of the Metro stations. The MTA New York City buses run through each of the boroughs, offering transportation to the citizens and community.

Taxi Cabs
New York City is known for its variety of taxi cab companies, providing cab service to all the attractions and activities in the city. You can catch a cab in front of any of the hotels as well as in front of the theaters, parks and business offices. With the number of cabs available, it is very easy to get a taxi and get to your desired location.

There are many leasing agencies in town that provide limousines for your use. Whether you are looking for a smaller hummer, a stretch limousine or a larger party bus style limousine, these agencies have what you need for your group. The limos are furnished with a driver who is knowledgeable of the city and can help you with locating attractions throughout the town as well as some of the best sights to see. The limousine companies can also help you to decide what type and size of vehicle will fit your needs the best and how to save money on your limo lease.

Rental Cars
When you want more flexibility in your transportation so you can visit the attractions on your schedule, take a look at the various rental car companies in town. You can rent a vehicle at any of the airports as well as in many of the hotels throughout town. Renting a car can allow you to travel on your own time and not have to worry about when public transportation may shut down for the evening.